Three months, Six books – II

Three months, Six books – II

At the beginning of the year I decided to do for the first time that of the “New Year’s resolutions”. I have to admit that I did it completely on my way since I only thought of one resolution, and more than resolution I would say it’s a challenge.

This year, at the beginning of January, I decided to read one book per month. I thought that because of my Erasmus I was not going to have neither the time nor the money to buy and read books, so I set myself this challenge so as not to leave aside one of my favourite hobbies, which is reading. But to my surprise, in just 3 months had already read 6 books. Why don’t I change the challenge? Why don’t I read 2 books a month? 24 books in a year are quite a few books, so I will be sharing them here in groups of 6 in case anyone has doubts about what to read.


1, 2 & 3. “A Darker Shade of Magic” saga

It is a fantasy trilogy written by V. E, Schwab.

  • The Darker Shade of Magic
  • The Gathering of Shadows
  • A Conjuring of Light

They are three fantastic books in which the fantasy stops being a genre for children and it becomes a completely adult genre.

In summary is a trilogy highly recommended and you can read a little more about it here.

4. Frankenstein

It is a gothic horror novel written by Mary Shelley.

One of the first things I have to say about this novel is that, having read a contemporary trilogy beforehand, as soon as I opened the book and started to read the English used in the old classics, I felt so comfortable that I found it impossible to stop reading

It is a classic novel which is well-known for many by the multiple cinematographic and television adaptations. In spite of everything and that I have enjoyed it, I do not consider it one of my favourite novels.

I must say that, having read the novel, I couldn’t help but notice the evident similarity of Mary Shelley’s novel with Lovecraft’s “Hervert West – Reanimator” tale.

5. Treasure Island

It is an adventure novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson.

An exciting pirate story that I must have read more than five times and I will never get tired of it. A story that means a lot to me, because it was after reading this book when I was nine that I decided that I wanted to writing myself.

I have to mention the surprise I felt when after discovering that both this book and “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” were by the same person.

6. Interview with the Vampire

It is a fantastic novel written by Anne Rice, one of the most important examples of contemporary vampire novels.

Much to my regret I must confess that I had not read them until now, but it’s never too late. On the other hand, this first book is giving me a pleasant surprise compared with the film, which I had already seen.


These are the nest six books I’ve read this year, you can find the previous ones here. If everything goes good in three months I’d be able to share six more. If you have read any of them I would love to know your opinion and if you have any recommendations for me I would be more than happy to read them.

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  • 1
    Miguel Angel on Monday July 3rd, 2017 Reply

    Congratulation, Chelo for reading so much…Reading increase your vocabulary and it does grow up and develope your mind…So, go on!!!

  • 2
    Xelo on Monday July 3rd, 2017 Reply

    Es estupendo !!!

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