Photo manipulation. Devil within

Photo manipulation. Devil within

Two nights ago I came with an idea of a picture I wanted to take, I needed to take, and as always, when an idea like that gets inside my head there is no way to get rid of it. I spent the whole night awake thinking and thinking about it, way to excited about it as to sleep.

Have you ever felt something like that?

The truth is that the first thing I did after getting up the morning after was working on the idea.

I have filmed a video of the working process I’ve followed to edit this first picture. I know I don’t follow any logic order, I know it very well, and I swear I am really trying to become a bit more organized when editing pictures (with no much success I fear).


I hope you like it and I would love to hear your opinion!



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    Xelo on Sunday July 23rd, 2017 Reply

    Pues yo creo q lo has hecho genial … de hecho a mi me da hasta miedo 😯😯😯

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      moonlight lady on Sunday July 23rd, 2017 Reply

      Genial! Muchas gracias ^-^

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