Chasing the twilight

13. August 2017 Diary 2
Chasing the twilight

I’ve never been someone who sleeps too much, I’ve never had problems in spending nights at nights doing other things and I don’t know how many times I have repeated “I will sleep when I am dead”.

However, this time there something is different, and it is that I am not sleeping because I can’t and not because I don’t want to. It has reached the point that I have been sleeping for no more than two or three hours a day and I am starting to feel it physically.

There are those who tell me it must be because of the heat, but I sleep covered up to my neck because I always have a fan on.

There are those who tell me that I have too many things in my head, and it is true, but all those things I have in my head are there all day long and they don’t stop me from living my life when I am awake.

Some people tell me that I must be worried about something and maybe they are right. Through all my life it has happen to me frequently that I was feeling nervous or worried without knowing why or without even noticing I was feeling like that.

Maybe it’s just that, as I’ve said so many times, I’m a night person. I might be night person to the point that I can’t sleep at night. The problem comes when I can’t sleep during the day either.

Anyway, lately I feel as if I was running after the night but I can never reach it, as if I was trying to chase the twilight so I could finally rest.


Having said all this, if someone has gone through the same I would love to hear your history. And if you have overcome it, please share your advice with me.

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    Gypsy on Sunday August 20th, 2017 Reply

    You should probably see a sleep doctor 🙁 They could help figure out the insomnia you suffer

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      moonlight lady on Sunday August 20th, 2017 Reply

      If I don’t get over it by the end of this month I will, but for now your advice of the sleeping tea is working quite well!

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