Summer favourites

01. September 2017 Diary 2
Summer favourites

I have to admit this has not been the best summer of my life. After my Erasmus, probably the best months of my life, I have been locked these three months working on my thesis work, so I have not been able to as many things as I would have liked to.

But after all it has not been a lost summer. I have been able to see Insomnium, I have been able to meet with old friends and I have met a group of great people who have been able to get me out of my cave!

To bid farewell (at last) to this so intense season I will share with you my summer favourites and, with them, I welcome you to my beloved autumn.



Bella Bianca Tea

Early in the summer I went to buy tea to fill my pantry. I bought three different types and this was one of them. After trying them all and comparing them with all the teas I’ve ever tried, this is definitely my favourite one at the moment.

This flavoured tea is a blend of green and white teas flavoured with seasonal flowers and fruits. It has a smooth and perfect taste that makes it ideal for both cold and hot tea.



Green Coast Sandals

I can’t fail to mention these sandals that my mother gave me in early summer. Not only are they completely my style, but they are also the most comfortable shoes I own.

Thank you very much!


Keyboard for my MacBook

After many years using Mac for basically everything and many many years more writing at last I have a keyboard for the laptop.

I have never felt that the MacBook keyboard was uncomfortable, and still I don’t, but I have to admit that the large keyboard is a huge help.

Thanks dad for buying it for me!


Word Cloud Box Set: Brown

I’m sure many of you knew the books were about to appear. I will not write again because you can read about them here. Anyway I will write reviews as I read them.



Maderas Makeup

This makeup brand is a bit special. It doesn’t have booths in any store but almost all of them have it and only take it out when people ask for it.

It may sound strange, but smell is a sense that greatly influences my buying decision and that is why I am so obsessed with this brand. I have never found a makeup powder that smells so good.


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    Chelo on Friday September 1st, 2017 Reply

    Pero q resumen del verano más chulo !!!!!
    😘 te lo mereces !!!!

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    moonlight lady on Friday September 1st, 2017 Reply


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