Goodbye summer, goodbye

Goodbye summer, goodbye

Today is September 20th and is an important day for me. It seems a random date, but the truth is that within the next two days takes place the autumn equinox, one of my favourite moments of the year.

The autumn equinox marks the beginning of my favourite season.

Other years, on these dates, it has been so hot that it seemed we were still in July, but not this year. This year has already rained, long trousers are already needed and you need a blanket to sleep.

Autumn is a season in which everything changes; it is a season in which everything dies so that, after winter, everything will be reborn with new strength.

That’s why I love fall so much, because the sun doesn’t shine so hard and you can breathe fresh air again, because the nature is stained with hundreds of reddish and orange hues that welcome the season, because you sleep much better feeling the slight weight of a blanket over your body, because hot showers are the closest thing to paradise and because you can spend hours reading on the couch covered with a blanket and with a cup of hot tea in hand.

All this not to mention Halloween and that Nox Arcana will launch a new album!

On the other hand, this year the arrival of autumn marks, also, the end of a stage of my life. Tomorrow I’m defending my thesis work; tomorrow I will no longer be a student. It’s hard, because this was a moment I had never thought of before, but I’m looking forward to discovering where the future can take me!


Well, having said all this, I wanted to share with you this video as a farewell to the summer. One of the last sunrises on the beach of the season.

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    Chelo on Thursday September 28th, 2017 Reply

    Q ganas tienes de decirle adiós !!! Jeje

    • 2
      moonlight lady on Thursday September 28th, 2017 Reply

      Ni te imaginas!

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