Time for change

12. December 2017 Diary 2
Time for change

I know I have not been writing anything on the blog for a while and I have to apologize for it.

I’m fine, nothing has happened to me; in fact I’m better than ever.

For a long time my life became routine (and therefore, for me, boring). I needed a change and a big one, but I was scared. After all, leaving the comfort zone always intimidates a little. But after my stay in Ireland I realized that it is outside the comfort zone where the most fascinating and fun things happen, the memorable things that you end up remembering for a lifetime.

After my trip to Ireland I let go of my fears and I started to change everything that I didn’t like about my life, I decided to break the routine.

In this time I finished my degree, I passed my thesis work with a 10/10, I have fully completed my first book, I have signed up for a master’s degree and I have started looking for a job. But that’s not all, some people have left my life to give way to the arrival of others.

All these may not seem a huge change from the outside, but I needed some time to carry them out. This is the reason for my absence in the blog.

Now I can finally say that the changes are done and that I am happy and satisfied, so I can write more often and dedicate more time to the blog.

Thanks for waiting and welcome again!

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    Marinne Solstice on Wednesday December 13th, 2017 Reply

    Los cambios en su momento adecuado son geniales, dan sentido de nuevo a la vida y despiertan nuevas ilusiones por las que levantarse de la cama cada día 🙂 el otoño atrae a los cambios y te han llegado en un buen momento seguro ^^ un beso desde Alicante bonica 😘

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      moonlight lady on Wednesday December 13th, 2017 Reply

      Tienes toda la razón, a veces con cambios pequeñitos es suficiente pero en otros casos necesitamos algo más grande.
      Muchas gracias y un beso para ti también!

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