My first (and horrible) experience in the working world

12. March 2018 Diary 2
My first (and horrible) experience in the working world

I have to talk about this because I still can’t believe it happened to me. It’s been a week since the whole story started and a few days since it ended (thankfully) but I still get angry remembering it.

Two weeks ago I was presented with the opportunity to take a job. My role was to be a receptionist in a hair salon, but I was going to be taking photos and videos of the hairstyles and the place and updating the social networks. It wasn’t, by far, my dream job but considering how difficult it is to find a first job it was not so bad. It was also a part time job, which was great for me to continue writing.

So far so good, but from that moment the problems began.

  • Fool of me that who asked for the contract before signing it. Apparently that innocent request became an affront and a great lack of mistrust on my part for him, “who made everything legal.”
  • And of course, I should have never said anything about the salary, it was just enough for me to be paid the minimum salary stipulated for a receptionist (apparently the photos and videos where going to be a present for them).
  • On the other hand, when I finally saw the contract, the very shameless man wrote that my level of studies was high school. The answer I had when I told him it was wrong was that it was irrelevant.
  • And finally I had the impudence to ask for a chair, because due to my back problems I cannot be 5 hours standing still. How did I dare to ask for that? When starting a new job you have to offer before being able to demand.

I hope that my sarcasm and irony are noticed because I wasn’t willing to ignore all that, I endured and endured but in the end it was unsustainable.

  • I ask for the contract because it is what I have to do and because I trust no one. And now I’m very sure that I did well.
  • I fight for my salary because it is my life and because my time, my effort and my work are not gifts. I fight because I want a fair salary.
  • For me my university studies are relevant, that is why I have spent 4 years studying them, and I will not allow anyone to trample them.
  • And there may be someone able to spend 5 hours standing without moving, but not me. I have several back problems and I didn’t think I had to risk going through a surgery because of that unreliable man.

This is the story more or less summarized. It is sad that there are people like that, businessmen who only pretend to take advantage of their employees and make money at their expense. I hope to have better luck next time.

I would love to know what you think about all these and if something similar has happened to you.

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    Chelo on Monday March 12th, 2018 Reply

    Hay empresarios honestos para los que si hay que dar el 200 % se da con todo gusto pq te hacen sentir parte importante de la empresa.
    Cree pq seguro que darán contigo y tu darás con ellos !!!
    Sigue buscando y no te canses jamás !!!

    • 2
      moonlight lady on Monday March 12th, 2018 Reply

      Estoy segura de ello, hay mucha gente buena y que respeta al 100% a los demás.
      Esto solo ha sido un poco de mala suerte.

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