It’s been a hard winter

17. April 2018 Diary 0
It’s been a hard winter

It has been a hard winter; the weather has gone completely crazy and has dragged us into the pit with it. After an excessively hot start to the season, some days of polar cold arrived, followed by about 20 degrees of temperature in January. Then rain, wind and cold again. The weather has changed constantly and without warning, without giving us time to get used to it and, for that reason, we’ve been falling ill time after time.

I caught my fourth cold of the year at the end of March, and this made me think. The previous cold that I suffered was particularly aggressive, it lowered the defences so much that I caught several infections and a gastroenteritis, furthermore it took more than fifteen days of antibiotic to get me healed.

That’s why it may sound imprudent to you that, after I got wet from the rain in Barcelona and fell ill again, I decided not to go to the doctor. Yes, I admit that it doesn’t seem the most prudent decision, but it was the best thing I could do.

We have taken the comfortable habit of going to the doctor for the slightest discomfort and we are really over-medicated. To heal a simple cold with antibiotics is like killing flies with cannon shots and it stuns our immune system. In this way, the next time we catch a cold our defences don’t do anything, they don’t know what to do.

For this reason I decided not to go to the doctor and, guess what? I healed myself alone and faster than the previous times, not to mention that there were no infections or any other type of associated disease.

With this I don’t say that we shouldn’t take antibiotics, just that we should trust a little more in our immune system and only take them when they really are necessary.

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