Pale people know they are pale

22. June 2018 Diary 3
Pale people know they are pale

Yes, you may find it incredible, but it is true. Pale people know how pale they are just in the same way that you know that you are brunette, that you have green eyes or that you wear black clothes; and therefore you don’t need to remind them every few seconds.

Sorry, I am aware that this not interesting for most of you, but the season of the year when people feel the need to highlight that physical characteristic to every pale person is approaching and the truth is that it is really annoying.

“You should take a sunbath.”

“A bit of colour would suit you very well.”

“Fuck, you reflect the light!”

“At this rate you will become transparent.”

I’ve been listening for so many years, one after the other, to these witty phrases that I am already done with them for the year and summer has barely begun.

And I’m not even that pale!

Anyway, I do not think anyone has the right to judge the appearance of others. Just as you would never say to someone out loud and with surprise that they have to fix their teeth or that they are overweight, you should not comment on the skin tone either.

There are people who are pale because their skin is like that; there are people who are pale because they wants to, because they decide to protect their skin from sun damage; and there are people who are pale because they have no other choice, because the sun harms them more than you can imagine. I can only ask you to respect pale people in the same way as those who have extremely tanned skin.

It’s okay to put your arms together to compare the skin tones or make a joke every time we get undressed on the beach and blind half the planet; as I said before, pale people know they are pale and they are capable of making jokes about it. Just don’t stress it and repeat it a million times throughout the summer.

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    hastaelmoño on Thursday October 18th, 2018 Reply

    Ante Improperios así, depende del día, a veces les recrimino su color, lávate la cara con lejía que pareces estar sucio o haz algo de ejercicio que el trasero te llega al suelo. Otras ni les miro a la cara, silencio absoluto.

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    Rocio on Tuesday August 14th, 2018 Reply

    La misma pelea cada verano!
    Pero bueno, al final no nos queda más remedio que reinos de nosotros mismos.

    • 3
      moonlight lady on Tuesday August 14th, 2018 Reply

      Pues sí, si perdemos el humor qué nos queda?
      Por lo menos ya queda menos para otoño!!!!

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