Do you believe in ghosts?

27. July 2018 Diary 2
Do you believe in ghosts?

Whether we like it or not and whether we admit it or not, we’ve all experienced those rare experiences that we commonly call “paranormal”. Well, apparently I am prone to these things and today I’ve decided to tell you one of my paranormal experiences, the one in which I have suffered most.

As I said, a book suddenly falling off the shelf, a glass of water exploding or the light and TV are turning off and on at will, are things that happen to me so often that they no longer bother me. However, a couple of these experiences have deeply touched me.

A couple years ago I was cooking dinner completely alone at home on a cold winter night. Everything was clamed and quiet but I had the constant feeling that something was wrong. I still remember so vividly how scared I was when after feeling as if been watched each and every door of my home shut closed at the very same time. There was something there with me and I am so sure about it that I still get chills when thinking about it.

I don’t remember being that scared any other time in my life. Still I’ve felt that same ominous presence more than once since that experience.

If you’ve ever lived something of the short I would love you to share it with me!

I also leave here my story time video where I talk about this, I am sorry it’s only in Spanish. I’d really appreciate if you subscribe to my YouTube channel.



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    Mariajo on Tuesday August 14th, 2018 Reply

    Uff si yo te contará… creo que tendríamos para hablar durante un buen rato jajaja

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      moonlight lady on Tuesday August 14th, 2018 Reply

      jajaja sería interesante!

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