And life keeps changing

15. August 2018 Diary 3
And life keeps changing

I know that just two months ago I wrote a post apologizing for a long absence from the blog and telling you about the many changes that took place in my life. It seems to me now that those changes were nothing but a mere warning of what was to come.

I remember telling you that I was working. I was hired as a shop assistant in a sports store, but now, two months from then, I am no longer working there and the story that has led to the place I am currently working is quite curious. The thing is that to be able to get the job at the sports shop I needed to register into the unemployment system (I spent a year without studying nor working and I wasn’t registered yet) as well as into the Sistema de Garantía Juvenil (I had no idea what was that). So I did and I started to work at the shop.

All these been done I was automatically selected to apply for a job grant form Valencia Activa for which the requirements were: being younger that 30 years old, being registered into the unemployment system and having the Certificate of Garantía juvenile.

Basically, a series of curious coincidences took place in the exact right moment for me to be selected and latter, granted the job grant. Now I am starting a job related 100% with my studies!

For those who, like me, know nothing about all those certificates and institutions of which I am talking I recommend you to get informed. Each year, before summer, they offer a new job grant and maybe you can be interested.

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    Chehr on Thursday August 16th, 2018 Reply

    ……y es que no existen las casualidades !!!!
    Es genial y sorprendente lo que te ha pasado así que … ahora a aprovechar a tope, trabajar a tope, aprender a todo y … disfrutar de compañeros a tope !!!!! ??????

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    Unknown on Thursday August 16th, 2018 Reply

    Those are great news! Go for it girl!

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      moonlight lady on Thursday August 16th, 2018 Reply

      I’ve so lucky! Now I have to work hard for it

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