The beauty of Cuenca

The beauty of Cuenca

Well, it’s been a while since we went on this trip, which took place in middle October, but I hadn’t had time to get the post done until now.

The story of this trip was quite curious. The initial date was for the holiday of October 12, but due to the high prices we decided to postpone it till the weekend after. So we took the AVE and there we went on Saturday 20 in the morning after a terrible storm that took place in Valencia and, to start well, we left our new umbrellas on the train.

Distressed aside, the trip was a great success. The hotel (Parador de Cuenca) is amazing, the rooms are luxurious as so is the breakfast. But what really struck me was the beautiful old town.


This was our beautiful hotel.


Nature and historic buildings in equal parts and in a perfect and harmonious combination, how couldn’t I love it?

We dedicated the first day exclusively to walk through the old town, so much so that I would dare to say that we saw practically everything. We also reserve a little time to enjoy the luxuries of the hotel and to have a beer in a heavy pub.



The second day gave something more of itself.

In the morning we went to the abstract art museum in the hanging houses and, for the first time, I think Jon enjoyed it as much as I did. And after we ate in what was possibly the best restaurant in the city.



In the afternoon, we took a walk among the green and the yellowish tones of autumn and took the opportunity to take a lot of pictures, test all my new photographic material and, in the process, make Jon practice a bit too (he turns out to be an excellent photographer as you can see).



If I have to highlight something bad about the trip, it would undoubtedly be how difficult it is to find vegan places to eat in Cuenca or, at least, places thwt include a vegetarian option on their menu.


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