Sometimes winter doesn’t feel like winter

Sometimes winter doesn’t feel like winter

Sometimes winter doesn’t feel like winter, those days you have to take advantage of the good weather and go to the mountain. In our case it wasn’t like that, the date was already agreed and we had the incredible luck that we had a great weather.



A few days before Christmas, we had a family reunion with my father’s siblings in the village where they used to spend their summer holidays as children. A trip full of memories -somehow distorted- of their childhood.

Upon arrival we had to stop in an store to buy me something to eat. Apparently, once again, I had not had enough breakfast and I was starving.

With a full stomach we started our walk towards the Cueva de las Palomas. The beautiful landscape and the almost summery weather caused some to be in short sleeves and I was cursing the sun every five steps.

Luckily I had the brilliant idea of ​​smearing on sunscreen before leaving!



The landscape is spectacular and the road very comfortable. Also, as this fall has rained a lot, the cave was full of water that cascaded down the mountain. There were those who put their feet to soak on the lake, but as for me putting my hand in the water was enough.



After eating my favourite part of the trip arrived. We approach a natural quarry to look for small red quartz prisms. Red quartz is the rarest and difficult quartz type to find and, furthermore, it is also the most interesting mineral we can find in Spain.

On the way back I was exhausted, so much so that I think I fell asleep in the car.

Let’s have more days like this!

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