Fair of Old and Used Books

26. March 2019 Valencia 0
Fair of Old and Used Books

Every year in Valencia, around the months of February and March, the Fair of Old and Used Books takes place. And, of course, this year I also went to see it, although I must confess that I left for the very last day!

Dozens stands full of old books and not so old books at a super affordable price occupy the Gran Vía promenade. In short, a huge amount of books together among which you can find real gems. I think it’s understandable that, in the meantime, I got excited and completely forgot to take photos.

I’m trying to end my to be read list so, against all odds, I only bought a book and because it was absolutely inevitable. How could I ignorer this beautiful miniature of Confessions of an English Opium Eater?



I must say that I regret it and that I should have given free rein to my consumerism and bought more books. Luckily, in a few weeks, the Book Fair begins.

If you like the classics of universal literature you have to go to this fair, even if it is next year; you can find precious and old editions of them at an unbeatable price. I promise to inform you in time in 2020.

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