Pet Sematery – book review

Pet Sematery – book review

Pet Sematery is one of the many books that Stephen King has written and it may now sound especially familiar thanks to the movie that is out tomorrow. Well, the trailer caught my attention (I’ll return to this later) and, as I NEVER see a movie without reading the book first, I ran to buy it.



Louis Creed and his family move to a house in Ludlow where he has found a new job as the university doctor. There they meet old Jud, who shows them the mysterious pet cemetery in the forest behind their house.

But that cemetery is not the only thing that’s hidden in the forest. Further on there is an old mimac cemetery that is believed to have been corrupted by the Wendigo and that has the peculiarity that it revives the dead that are buried in it. But they never return the same and some become evil.

The mimac cemetery has a special power that is becoming stronger and that manages to attract Louis in his ruin and misfortune.

Sometimes it’s better to stay dead.



The ease of pen that Stephen King has is something that no one can deny, as well as his vast experience in the field of terror literature.

This book hooks you from the beginning to the end, it leads you to dead ends, plays cruelly with your feelings and expectations and manages to surprise you at the very end.

To me personally there was a fragment that gave chills of emotion. That little moment in which in a couple of lines and without mentioning the word madness makes you understand that Louis has lost his mind.

In short, it is a very entertaining book capable of transporting us to the cemetery itself and it is worth reading. However, it didn’t really frighten me.


About the movie

And here comes the tricky topic. I am going to try not to get very angry because, after all, I have not seen the movie yet yet, but it is obvious didn’t give a fuck about the fidelity to de book.



I’m just going to say two things:

  • The image they are using as a poster NEVER EVER happens in the book.
  • Is it so difficult to kill the right kid?

Anyway, the movie can be as good as you want but I have not seen it yet and I’m already disappointed. Let’s see if it surprises me and I have to swallow my own words.

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