Holydays in Dublín

23. December 2019 Wanderlust 0
Holydays in Dublín

I know I have no excuse. We went to Dublin last October and I hadn’t talk about it yet! Better late that never right? Anyways it’ll be short since you can see the video blog here.


What do you do we in Ireland? Drinking beer.



We drank beer but not as much as we though since it’s so expensive there; we also visited the Guinness Storehouse which was something new for both of us, I was ill on my last visit and I could go then.

Once in Dublin there were a couple of things we must do. We walk through the city centre and got lost on its streets. We crossed the river to see the Spire and to go to a metal pub. We also looked for Molly Malone statue and, of course, to the old wing of the Library of the Trinity College.



We also visited the Natural History Museum (my favourite part were the butterflies). we walked through its many parks and pay a visit to Oscar Wilde, unfortunately it was his t¡statue and not the writer himself. As the views were so gorgeous we also took some pics there.



Finally we decided to pay a visit to the cementerio, with is so different to the ones in Valencia. And aseo went to a couple of dreamt-like liberares where I bought a book.



In short, the perfect trip!


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