Bookish box of June

Bookish box of June

This year, for my birthday, Jon gave me a three-month subscription to the Bookish literary boxes. I had always wanted to subscribe to one but never dared. Once again Jon seems to read my mind and give me the push I needed.

This is the box for the month of June, which means it’s the second one I’m getting

Before I start talking about it, I must warn you that if you are subscribed and have not yet received it yet, it is better that you don’t continue reading because I will spoil it to you.


What is Bookish?

Bookish is a company that prepares monthly subscription surprise literary boxes. It allows the option of subscribing for a month alone, for three, for six or for twelve.

The box contains a contemporary fiction editorial novelty, always in Spanish, it also includes a series of little things related to the book in question, such as postcards, bookmarks, etc.




What was inside June’s box?

  • In this case the book was The Party, by the author Elisabeth Day.
  • There was a gorgeous postcard with a surrealist design and blue details.
  • There was also a card with the recipe of three cocktails and the QR code to a Spotify playlist.
  • An envelope with info about the book and the author, a book mark, a mask and a lot of confetti.
  • And finally, a bag of organic English Breakfast tea.


As always, I’ve filmed and shared on my YouTube channel the unboxing, however, it’s only in Spanish. Hope you like it and consider subscribing to a bookish box!


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