El Caso del Caballero Gesualdo – book review

El Caso del Caballero Gesualdo – book review

I recently told you about my collaboration with the Reino de Cordelia publishing house; Today I come to tell you about the book they sent me: El Caso del Caballero Gesualdo.



The strange life of Don Carlo Gesualdo and his extreme penances attract the attention of the King and the Pope, who decide to investigate the matter. For this they send the investigator Diego Carriazo and Father Hueso to Italy to investigate the ghosts of Gesualdo.

These men begin an investigation into the figure of the prince of Venosa starting from the day he murdered his wife and her lover. They question the most curious characters and, little by little, they form a great mystery in which witchcraft participates.




I think you will get an idea that I love witch stories, but the truth is that I have always read them from the point of life of the victim (which for me is the witch). This novel is told from the point of view of the investigator and that scared me a little in case I encountered unfair trials, torture and burned witches. Nothing is further from reality.

Carriazo, our protagonist, is a just and sensible man who knows how to differentiate lies and fantasies from reality and is not carried away by Father Hueso’s inquisitive fury. In short, he is more interested in gutting the mystery than burning innocents. This is why history has enchanted me.

I want to highlight the plot twist at the end. I did not expect it and I loved it, a very good way to conclude the story.



Here you have the video review of the book. As always, it is somewhat more extensive and detailed.


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