Rebecca – Book review

Rebecca – Book review

Throughout the past year I have been putting off reading Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, the reason I do not know, and last month I was finally encouraged to read it in a joint reading.

I have loved the book, it has seemed sublime and, even though it is only in March, I can already say that it will be one of the best books of the year!



Our protagonist and narrator tells us about her life from the moment she meets Maxim De Winter and becomes his second wife. She tells us what life was like for her in Manderley and how she becomes obsessed with the late first Mrs. De Winter, the beautiful Rebecca. This unhealthy obsession ends up giving life to the ghost of Rebeca, who does not leave her alone and pushes her to investigate Manderley’s dark secrets.



I do not want to tell you much about the novel because it is full of spectacular and completely unexpected plot twists and any spoiler would be fatal for the future reader. Anyway, I will tell you that it is a slow thriller with a beautiful gothic atmosphere and that it is masterfully written.

If you have seen the film adaptation of Hitchcock you will have an idea of what it is about but, anyway, I highly recommend that you give this novel a chance.



Here you have the video review that is somewhat more extensive than what I have written above.



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