The Vampire Lestat – book review

The Vampire Lestat – book review

I’m pretty sure you will know the name of Anne Rice and her famous Vampire Chronicles saga. A few years ago I tried to read it, but when I had three books they changed the edition, I got angry and left it halfway. A few months ago I found the complete collection and I jumped at it!

A couple months ago I talked about Interview with the Vampire, today I am talking about the second book in the saga: The Vampire Lestat.



Lestat awakens from his lethargy and finds the book that tells the story of Louis, believes that justice is not done to him in that manuscript and decides to take action on the matter. To do this, he decides to write his own book, which is the same one we are reading, in which he tells us his entire life – from when he was just a human in Auvergne until today – and also reveals all kinds of secrets that vampires guarded with zeal.

He also decides to found a rock band and present himself to the world as he is: a vampire.



I liked this book a lot more than the previous one, since Louis’s constant whining in Interview with the Vampire drove me crazy.

In any case, I still think that it contains a huge amount of straw and it gives me the feeling that the author prioritizes the number of pages over the quality of the writing; I honestly think the book would be much better if it were a third shorter!

In this book we are introduced to the explanation of the creation of the vampire, which is not the one I like the most but it does seem very original.

In short, I think Anne Rice made the best adaptation to the present day of the myth of the vampire and, therefore, I think her work is worth reading.



Here is the video review of the novel. As always, here I speak more extensively and in depth about the characters and the plot, but it’s only in Spanish.




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