Beauty always hides something wicked

02. August 2016 Tales 0
Beauty always hides something wicked

“The more beautiful the rose is the sharper its thorns would be for beauty always hides something wicked”

– The Nameless Witch



I have always felt a certain sympathy for the antagonist of each story, for the evil one, and that’s the reason why in everything that I write and I imagine the “evil one” is even more important than leading character.

Regarding to her, the Nameless Witch, she is the antagonist of ” The Darkest Hour “. Not only is she the antagonist, she is also cruel and evil. She is a deep character whose story started long ago and whose origins, name and aim are kept secret throughout the story. I have no doubt that she is the best antagonist I’ve ever created, in fact she may be my best character.



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