Those little things

Those little things

After spending days lost in eucalyptus forests, after spending days among trees that could easily reach 50 meters tall, after spending days feeling fascinated by its large size, while feeling tiny and insignificant, I realized that the beauty of these forest didn’t lay only on its spectacular trees.

After spending days taking pictures of tall trees I began to realize that there was something else in there, something that I had been overlooking and which, however, brought to these huge forests life and beauty. And is that among those towering and eternal trees there was life. The forest was full of small insects and flowers, it was full of little details that made it unique and gave it life. And it was only after finding this out that I could fully enjoy the beauty of this magical place.






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    Ernesto on Tuesday August 30th, 2016 Reply

    Bárbara descripción de lo que sentí al pasear en la “soledad” de esos bosques.
    Te feicito.

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      moonlight lady on Sunday September 11th, 2016 Reply

      Muchas gracias!

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