The Haunted Forest

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The Haunted Forest

On the outskirts of the village grows the boundary of the Haunted Forest. Its tall and dark trees tower high as if pretending to pierce the sky; their straight and perfect trunks, as black as ebony, warn visitors of the deadly dangers that dwell in its realm; however, their high tops sway in the wind in an hypnotic dance that tempt those who observe them to enter their domain.

It is said that the Haunted Forest keeps intact the beauty of creation, for the curse that rests upon itself has kept it protected from the destruction inherent in the human being.

The northern half of its black trunks is covered by a thick layer of bluish moss and on its tops grow huge leaves dyed in countless shades of blue. Inside, the dark and damp earth is partially covered by large pools of crystalline water, which reflect everything around them as if they were mirrors; and elsewhere the earth is covered by the blue fallen leaves, which never lose their colour. It is easy to get lost in the immensity of the eternal forest that has remained unchanged for eons, it is easy to ignore everything that grows inside as long as you have never penetrated into it, for bushes and shrubs stand everywhere leaving no place to a single path. Inside small violet flowers grow incessant flooding with their heady scent the gloomy atmosphere of that dark realm.

If legends are to be believed, in the past it was also known as the Crimson Forest, for the whole forest was dyed in a deep red even more intense than blood.

The Haunted Forest can be characterized by silence and darkness. Silence because not even the bird dare to bother the condemned spirits that dwell therein with their chants. Darkness because the tops of the trees are so thick and dense that not even the summer sun manages to get through them. However, during the impenetrable darkness of midnight, when the silvery moon shines high in the sky, the whole forest is invaded with a thick blue mist that emits its own light, making the forest glow with a ghostly halo.

Woe to those who delve into its depths seduced by its unearthly beauty, woe to those who decide to ignore the curse and go deep into the darkness of the forest, for it is said that the forest is infested by demonic creatures that await eager and hungry for their next human prey. Once the sunlight disappears after twilight, once the darkest hour comes, no mortal soul that remains in the forest will be able to scape anymore, at least not alive.

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