Vector illustration step by step

13. November 2016 Art 0
Vector illustration step by step

Recently I have been asked many times about my vector illustrations, about how I have made them, about the software I have used and so on. That is the reason why I have decided to write a short post to explain step by step the process I have follow to make them.

First of all I want to say that the illustration have been made with Adobe Illustrator without using a graphic tablet. The only things you will need are time (a lot of time) and patience (even more patience).



1- Draw the lines


This is the longest and most tedious step, this is the step that will test your patience and absorb a huge amount of your time.

It involves drawing the contours of the figure that you want to represent. And by contours I do not mean only the lines that mark its silhouette, but all of them. You will have to draw the lines that mark the lights and shadows, the lines marking the folds of clothing, the lines that divide two zones with a different shade of colour. You must draw as many lines as you are able to imagine.

As a result you will have a mess, a big mess of lines that even you, the one who drew them, will find hard to understand.


2. Fill the gaps


Now you should start painting, filling with colour every one gap you have created while drawing the lines.

With the “interactive painting tin” it is quite easy, but first you must make sure that all your lines touch each other.


3. Erase the lines and correct


When your illustration is completely coloured you only have to remove the lines to finish.

Reached this point you will probably realize that you drew too many lines in the step one, which makes your illustration look VERY overdone and even unnatural. To fix this just try to soften the illustration disguising those unneeded lines filling the gaps with the same colour.



And basically this is everything I’ve done.

I hope you like the result and you feel encouraged to try it!


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