Sonata Arctica in Dublin

31. March 2017 Music 1
Sonata Arctica in Dublin

When I arrived in Cork I had an idea of ​​many things in my head, being true to my nature as a compulsive thinker, I had convinced myself of a series of things that I could expect and some that I couldn’t.

Among those things that I had decided that were not going to happen it was to find people with a musical taste similar to mine, to find people who like good music, real music (I mean, metal music). So when I discovered that Sonata Arctica was coming to Dublin I didn’t bother or say it to anyone, after all nobody would want to go with me, I thought. I could go alone, or I could miss it once again, the point is that I was already resigned to what might happen.

All that been said you can imagine how was my surprise when I became aware that there were six of us who had bought tickets.

A month passed quickly; a month in which every day I was a little more excited because the concert was approaching; a month in which the six of us got closer, we know more each other and we became real friends. And suddenly it was March the 26th and we were there, in Dublin, just a few hours before the longed concert began.

Waiting impatiently among the crowd, unable to contain the crazy beats of my heart, I was well aware that everything was about to begin. The lights went out and the melody that marked the beginning of the concert started to play. Green, violet, blue. Smoke on stage. And there they were, there before my very eyes, so close.

Green, violet, blue, smoke on stage…

The concert began and the music reached my ears and entered my body. Tony began to sing with that magnificent voice of his; with that power that only he has to take you to another place, to make you feel good; with that voice worth of an angel.

The concert started and everything went so fast. I let myself be carried away by the music, I let it move my body at its whim. I remember singing with all the strength I was capable of; I remember closing my eyes and smiling, I remember grabbing shoulders and swaying to the sound of Tallulah; I remember looking at the faces of people and seeing smiles, beautiful and sincere smiles. I remember being happy.



A couple of hours later we were all shouting “vodka!” and then the concert ended, very soon since I could have been there hours and hours. But that feeling remained in me, that feeling that became a strong desire to see them live again.

It was definitely worth it. How is it even possible to have such a perfect live show? How is it possible to play or sing for hours without making a single mistake? How is it possible to make each song sound even better than the studio version?

Thank you Sonata for this experience, and thank you for joining me to such a wonderful group of people.


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    Xelo on Friday March 31st, 2017

    Estupendo !!!!! Me han entrado ganas de escucharles después de leerte ! !!

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