My Erasmus experience. There are not sweet goodbyes

15. May 2017 Diary 2
My Erasmus experience. There are not sweet goodbyes

It seems that it was yesterday when I arrived in Cork, when for the first time I found myself completely alone in a foreign country and without knowing anyone. It seems like yesterday when this experience began. And now suddenly, unable to understand how, time has slipped from my hands, everything is over. It’s been four months, possibly the four most intense months of my life, and undoubtedly the best four months I’ve ever lived.

If someone had told me “this is what you are going to live there” I would have not believed it, for nothing that I could have imagined becomes more than a shadow of what I have actually lived.

All the places I have visited that have been etched in my memory; the Irish beer that I have drunk and even learned to like; the small city of Cork which soon become my second home; and all that wonderful people I’ve met, all that people who have become part of my life and have made me change.

And now that this is over it comes the hard part, the goodbye. Having to return to a life in which nothing has changed when you have completely transformed yourself, having to leave this city where I have lived so many things, having to part from people who have become fundamental in my life and who I will not be able to see daily.

Some people say that if it hurts to say goodbye is because it has been good and it has been worth it, but I think that good things should never come to an end.

There are no sweet goodbyes, of that I am sure, I just hope this is not a goodbye but a farewell and that soon we will see each other again.

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    Gypsy on Sunday May 21st, 2017 Reply

    This is beautiful

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    Xelo on Monday May 15th, 2017 Reply

    Es lo más bonito que he leído en mi vida sobre una experiencia erasmus… verdaderamente te ha tocado el alma.
    Has tenido una inmensa suerte porque no todas las personas llegan a saber, a vivir la verdadera amistad, y cuando la experimentas todo cambia de color …
    Aunque ahora te quede el sabor amargo … que afortunada eres !!!!

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