Insomnium in Leyendas del Rock

14. August 2017 Music 1
Insomnium in Leyendas del Rock

These past five days a famous metal festival called Leyendas del Rock had been held in Villena.

Even though this was already the 12th edition, I must admit that I’ve never attended, which is quite incredible considering how close to home it takes place.

The issue is that this year there was something that made the festival special for me, something that made me want to go much more tan any other year, I could even say that I needed to go. It was that this year Insomnium was going to play.

For a numbers of unfortunate circumstances I haven’t been able to stay the whole festival, but I could be there on Thursday, when I Insomnium played.


Since the first song of the group that I listened to, I don’t even know how long ago it was, I was sure that this group was special. That perfect combination between music and lyrics that was able to move something inside me, something that has never stop moving since then; those melodic and at the same time powerful melodies that can show melancholy when they are not fully melancholic themselves; those deep lyrics that seem to have been written for you, and that make you feel that you are not alone; and, of course, that voice about which I cannot say anything, because it leaves me speechless.

From the first song of the group I heard I knew I had to see them live, it didn’t matter when or where, but I had to. And it was this past Thursday when that dream came true.

I was in front of the stage almost two hours before the show started, I took my place in the front row and I didn’t move from there.

The wait became eternal, I was nervous and excited and, to make it worse, every once in a while I saw them going out on stage to check that everything was ready.


At last the unmistakable melody of the first song from their last album, “Winter’s Gate”, started to play indicating that the time had finally come. The group went out on stage, the public began to scream and the concert began.

I can only say that I didn’t know that time could pass so quickly; I did not know that I could enjoy the moment so much.



The voice of Niilo Sevänen was impressive and he didn’t stop encouraging the public and asking for our collaboration throughout the concert.



Ville Friman was on the stage right in front of me and I must say I had never seen a musician move in such a way, I had never seen anyone feel the music as he felt it.



I still remember when Markus Vanhala crossed the stage and came to play in the part where I was; I still remember his provocative smile and his way of playing.



And of course Markus Hirvonen, sitting behind the drums. Between song and song, he took his mobile phone to take pictures of the audience.



The fifty-minute concert flew by, but it was worth it until the last second. I only regret not having my good camera with me to be able to take better pictures.

Now I cannot help but wait patiently to have the chance to see them live again.

Thank you so much for such a perfect afternoon!


It must be just my imagination, but I love this picture so much because it seems as if Niilo was looking at my camera!


I am sharing here with you my favourite songs from Insomnium for those who love metal music and those who now feel curious. The first one is called “Daugther of the Moon”, and the reasons why I love it are pretty obvious. The second one is called “Weighed Down with Sorrow”, and it probably has the best lyrics I’ve ever listen.

I hope you like them!




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    Xelo on Monday August 14th, 2017

    Me entran ganas a mi de ir al festival el año que viene !!!
    Por cierto … las fotos son geniales !!!!…( las canciones no me atrevo a escucharlas .. je je )

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