My favourite summer outfit

My favourite summer outfit

“When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place.”

Coco Chanel


Coco Chanel already said it and it is totally true. Every woman should have at least one black mini dress in her closet. And this one is my favourite for summer.



This dress is not new, it has a little more than a year but, after all, black clothes are timeless. I remember buying it from the brand OVS.

There are several reasons why I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it and why I am still in love with it.

Firstly the dress is formed by two independent pieces so it can be combined with a longer skirt or even with leggings or trousers.



Secondly, I love the way it fits around the waist accentuating its shape and giving a very nice silhouette to the body.



And finally it’s super easy to combine. I am quite monochromatic person and always wear black accessories, but any colour would fit just as well.

I usually wear it with this black tulle kimono jacket and with high platform sandals.



Black mini dresses are a “must have” for me and without a doubt this is my most favourite one!




This picture portrays perfectly the shooting… me being eaten alive by mosquitoes

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  • 1
    Ada Mestre Almagro on Tuesday August 29th, 2017 Reply

    Buen post. El vestido es muy bonito. Se ve cómodo, favorecedor, fresco y como bien dices, atemporal y muy fácil de combinar. Yo también utilizo mucho el negro y tendré unos diez vestidos de ese color, pero es que es una apuesta segura. No entiende de modas y en elegancia no le supera ningún otro color.

    • 2
      moonlight lady on Tuesday August 29th, 2017 Reply

      No podría estar más de acuerdo con todo lo que has dicho!
      Muchas gracias! Me alegra que te haya gustado 🙂

  • 3
    Raquel on Sunday August 27th, 2017 Reply

    Me encanta!! ?

    • 4
      moonlight lady on Sunday August 27th, 2017 Reply

      Muchas gracias!

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