Hippie & Goth?

Hippie & Goth?

A bit more than a year ago I started this blog called “Diary of a Hippie Goth” and in all this time I haven’t explained the origin of this curious and apparently contradictory term. Well, that’s what I’m going to do today along with a fashion post. (If you are interested in the outfit you can go straight to the end)



It is true that there is differentiation between various types of Gothic within the subculture but that is something that I had never paid much attention. It all started when the “normal people” started to tell me “you’re so goth” and the “gothic people” started to tell me “you’re so hippie”.

I want to point out that I put “normal people” and “gothic people” in quotation marks because I do not like to label people in such a way, but I say so in order to make it easier to explain and understand.



I have to say that no one told me that with bad intentions, at least it never seemed that way to me, I always found those comments full of curiosity or remarking something that seemed out of the ordinary. However, over time these comments ended up creating a fleeting identity crisis.

Hippie? Gothic? What the hell was I?

But soon I realized that this contradiction was essentially what best defined me. I am a person of strong contradictions and contrasts, I have always been, and this is just one more in my great collection.

Identity crisis overcame I started to feel curiosity and, to my surprise, the term already existed!


But what does “hippie goth” mean?

In order to explain this I must first explain what each of the terms means, although many of you mightalready have an idea about it.

But first of all I have to clarify that “hippie goth” is one of those types of gothic that I mentioned before, which implies that it is still a Goth who has some features that bring him or her a little closer to the hippie subculture. That is why I have to apologize beforehand, since I know the Gothic movement much better than the Hippie one and that is going to be noticed in my way of explaining it.


The Gothic movement was born in the early 80’s in an era characterized by a spiritual calm in which they sought identification with themselves, a meaning of life and an acceptance of the only thing we know for sure about the future, which is death.

Gothic people understood that the most important struggle is that which we fought within ourselves, facing the abyss of our existence. Gothic people appreciate the darkest recesses of the human mind and seek beauty where others only find nostalgia. Try to find a different way of thinking about life and find beauty in life as well as in pain and death.

Although every Gothic is a different world, there are certain factors that are shared by most members of this movement, factors such as the style of music, a unique art and literature, the use of black clothes and makeup, the fascination with medieval history and the Victorian era, and the fascination with death and its symbols.

It is important to clarify that the Goths don’t join this movement solely as a fashion (hence how stupidly ridiculous we find the recurring phrase “that’s just a phase”), but by a deep feeling of not belonging to the established society. It is a movement strongly united by a romantic vision of life and death.


The Hippie movement was born in the mid-60s driven by the main belief that the values ​​of peace and love were essential in the constantly increasing society of globalization.

The hippie movement is marked by a bohemian lifestyle, as well as activism and environmentalism. In general there was a tendency to adopt a community way of life, based on love and peace. They likewise shied away from the majority religions without neglecting their own personal spirituality.

(I apologize for this brief and crude explanation)


Now comes the next part, to successfully combine these two disparate subcultures and, although it seems difficult, it is not impossible.

A hippie Goth, as I like to call it, is basically a Goth, as I have described above, who also incorporates in his or her personality and beliefs some of the characteristics and values ​​of the hippie movement. There are no rules and everything varies depending on each person.

The hippie Goth tries to be one with nature, takes care of the environment and the creatures that inhabit it. They tend to show interest in the occult and ancient pagan religions, although each individual is a world, and especially in magic.

As far as fashion is concerned there are no rules, but black is usually predominant. Long skirts or dresses complemented by jackets of some dark colour, hair accessories and large sunglasses. Always including, in jewellery, some “magic symbol” or some crystal.

Finally, talking about music happens exactly the same as with the rest of Gothic people. Each person has their own tastes, but it is true that folk, in both ambient and metal music, takes on special importance in this subgenre of Gothic.



I don’t know to what extent I have been able to clarify something, because it is something that, although I understand, it is difficult for me to put into words.



And finally the outfit is here!



As I have explained before, hippie goth is a style that, in terms of clothing, is characterized by the use of black and long garments combined with some colour and complemented with esoteric jewellery or crystals.



For this outfit I’ve chosen a long chiffon skirt tight at the waist and a long crochet jacket.



I have complemented it with a belt with floral motifs and, of course, with my amethyst pendants.



Those who know me better will be aware that, although my way of being and thinking is very well adapted to what I have tried to explain, as for aesthetics I don’t usually look like that. I really think that nobody belongs to a given subgenre exclusively, because the personality of each person is something too rich and complete to be completely enclosed in a subgenre. Depending on the circumstances that surround us or on how we feel we vary, even slightly, in our way of acting and also dressing.

The hippie goth is a style that seems ideal for summer, but on daily basis I wear a much more nu style, as you can see here, and to go out at night I usually embrace the romantic style.


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    Damián on Tuesday September 5th, 2017 Reply

    Genial explicación y bonitas fotos que lo acompañan, es cierto que aunque leo no suelo comentar mucho, pero hoy me he acordado de que tu fuiste la elegida para mi primera sesión de gótica, que salio genial.
    Gracias por tu amistad y tu gran simpatía.

    • 2
      moonlight lady on Tuesday September 5th, 2017 Reply

      Muchísimas gracias por tus palabras y por animarte a comentar! Y por supuesto por aquella sesión ^-^

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