“Black is not a summer colour”

“Black is not a summer colour”

“Black is not a summer colour”

Well I didn’t know that the colours had an expiration date depending on the season.

“How can you wear all black with such a hot weather?”

It will still be hot regardless of the colour I wear.

“Do you know that there are more colours other than black? You could change a little sometimes.”

I know that there is an infinite number of colours and I bet that I could name many more than you, and I still choose black.

“Again in black, whose funeral is it?”

I haven’t decided it yet.

“Why do you always wear black?”

You know, just in case you die.


This post is dedicated to all the black colour lovers out there; to all those who wear black regardless of season, temperature and situation; to all those who are just as fed up as I am of hearing one and a thousand times all those annoying questions (and so many more that I have left).

When someone always dresses in white, green, blue, or any other colour, no one cares much and no one asks them similar questions. It’s simply assumed to be their favourite colour. So why is it different with black?

I have really tried to answer these questions carefully, but there comes a point where you get tired, I bet you understand me. There comes a point where it makes no sense to try to explain something that people have no interest in understanding and, from there, the sharp and sarcastic answers come out. I apologize if someone ever asked me with good faith and I answered as the true mean girl that I am.

Black is a colour like any other; it can be worn independently of any external circumstance, just taking into account the taste of the person wearing it.



For me, black is, without a doubt, the best colour. And these are the reasons why I think so:

  • It is the most formal and elegant colour.
  • It is a neutral colour so it does not stands out nor draws too much attention.
  • It stylizes the figure.
  • It combines with absolutely ant other colour (with some better than others, though) precisely because it is a neutral colour.
  • It’s timeless.
  • It is the colour more resistant to all type of stains. I swear it! It is impressive when you get used to wearing pure black and suddenly you wear another colour and you get stains just by looking at it.


Returning to the post title, I have prepared these outfits to prove that black is summer colour. You can click on the pictures to see the details of each outfit or enjoy the video (It is my first video of the short, so please, put up with me).


My favourite summer outfit


Hippie & Goth?



I would love to know if you liked them and which is your favourite one. And for those who wear black, what do you wear in summer?

I just wanted to add one more thing before ending the post.

Since we live in the real world and not behind a computer screen the colours that affect us are pigment colours, not light colours. This means that black is obtained by combining all other colours.

So technically I wear more colours than you. <3


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  • 1
    Shei on Friday September 15th, 2017 Reply

    No he podido morirme de la risa al leer lo de que con solo uno mirarse cuando lleva otro color que no es el negro se mancha, que razón xD a mi también me pasa y con lo torpe que soy… jaja el vídeo muy chulo, quizás yo me hubiera enfocado mas por detrás y hecho planos mas cercanos, pero jo, que chachi igualmente ^^

    • 2
      moonlight lady on Friday September 15th, 2017 Reply

      Muchas gracias! Tomo nota para la próxima jajaja
      Pues ya somos dos las torpes!

  • 3
    Chelo on Friday September 15th, 2017 Reply

    Casi me convences !!

    • 4
      moonlight lady on Friday September 15th, 2017 Reply

      Jajaja casi casi, pero no

  • 5
    Damián on Friday September 15th, 2017 Reply

    Pienso que la gente que se mete en ver que ropa o color de ropa no tienen vida propia, cada uno es libre de vestir e ir del color que le de la gana y no hay que dar explicaciones, en este me remito a Loquillo y el hombre de negro. Un saludo y sigue siendo como eres.

    • 6
      moonlight lady on Friday September 15th, 2017 Reply

      Muchísimas gracias por tus palabras Damián!

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