The perfect outfit for the Season of the Witch

The perfect outfit for the Season of the Witch

A couple of months ago I talked about black mini-dresses and how essential they are in any woman’s wardrobe at any time of the year. Well, now I’m going to contradict myself completely.

I recently found this dress in Stradivarius and I fell madly in love with it. Yes, it is black, but there’s nothing “mini” about it.

Anyway, I can’t think of a more suitable dress for autumn, the “Season of the Witch”.



Like many of my clothes, the dress consists of two parts.

It has a black lining that can be interchanged making it even more versatile and then the over gauze fabric, also in black.



This time I was wearing a short dress underneath, but it looks just as well with a long lining or even pants or leggings underneath.



Combined with a pair of high heel boots, a hat, a wide jacket (and, why not, a broom) gives that “witchy” aesthetic that I LOVE so much and that looks so good in autumn.



I hope you’ve liked it and if so stay tuned because, like the other time, I will soon upload a video of the outfit!

Finally and before ending I’d like to thank Maria for taking all the pictures.

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    Damian Gomez on Monday November 6th, 2017 Reply

    Genial conjunto y geniales fotos, con tan hermosa modelo. Felicidades y sigue asi.

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