Three months, Six books – IV

Three months, Six books – IV

At the beginning of the year I decided to do for the first time that of the “New Year’s resolutions”. I have to admit that I did it completely on my way since I only thought of one resolution, and more than resolution I would say it’s a challenge.

This year, at the beginning of January, I decided to read one book per month. I thought that because of my Erasmus I was not going to have neither the time nor the money to buy and read books, so I set myself this challenge so as not to leave aside one of my favourite hobbies, which is reading. But to my surprise, in just 3 months had already read 6 books. Why don’t I change the challenge? Why don’t I read 2 books a month? 24 books in a year are quite a few books, so I will be sharing them here in groups of 6 in case anyone has doubts about what to read.

I know we are no longer in 2017 and that I am a bit late sharing with you the last group of books I’ve read, but better late than never!


1. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a manga written by Sui Ishida and composed of 14 volumes. The manga is about a species of beings identical to humans, but that feed on their flesh; it talks about their lives and their survival in the human world.

I started reading the manga a long time ago, but I abandoned it after the death of my favourite character and last October I finally decided to finish it.

Having said all this, if someone has read it, I would be very grateful if you would explain the end to me.

2. Mandrak Moors: Mater Luna

It is the latest work by the Valencian illustrator Victoria Francés. This book contains two illustrated tales that tell the stories of two witches. Both characters are related and give foot to continue the series.

All this not to mention the magnificent illustrations and the transformation of the two main characters in ball-jointed dolls.

3. The Last Witch

This is, possibly, one of the books that I have enjoyed the most this year. A witches’ story written by Mayte Navales whose review you can read here.

4 – 6. The Night Angel trilogy

The Night Angel is a trilogy of fantasy novels written by Brent Weeks composed by:

  • The Way of Shadows
  • Shadow’s Edge
  • Beyond the shadows

The plot narrates the war between the different kingdoms of the continent of Midcyru, which will be decided thanks to the role of Kylar, a mysterious executor with a great number of special abilities.

Each of the books of the trilogy is better than the previous one and the moment you start reading you cannot stop. There are a lot of characters whose stories end up meeting to shape the end.


These are the last six books I’ve read this year; you can find the first ones here, the second ones here and the third ones here.

If you have read any of them I would love to hear your opinion and if you have any recommendation I would be more than pleased to read it.

Finally with these six books I put an end to my reading challenge of 2017. I would like to know if you would like me to keep reviewing the books I read and if you have found it interesting and useful.

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