New Year in Riopar

New Year in Riopar

Two weeks have passed since New Year and, although I wanted to share the photos I made in Riopar, I haven’t felt too keen to write anything at all lately.

Now in the end I sit in front of the computer with energy to do it, after all, better late than never!


As I said at the beginning, and some of you may already know, I spent New Year in a small village near Albacete called Riopar. I must confess that before this time I’d never even heard the name of the village, and I was making missing one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve seen in Spain.

In Riopar you can find the beginning of the River Mundo and each winter, when there is more water, the river explodes holes (literally) in the wall of the mountain from which it comes out, forming a beautiful waterfall of icy water, which they call “los chorros”.



To reach “los chorros” we had to climb a narrow path in the mountain that was soaked, because, although they had burst a few days before we arrived, the waterfall and the river still had a lot of water.

Once reached the highest viewpoint the view of “los chorros” was really impressive, but I must confess that I feared for the integrity of my camera.



Apart of the River Mundo, Riopar is in the middle of the mountain surrounded by lush forests and truly magical places. I would love to visit it in summer, because the cold didn’t allow us to make long routes or stay out once the sun was setting.



Anyway, I cannot complain about the views, the landscapes or the photos that I did. But I am very aware that the main reason I enjoyed the trip so much was the company.


It was too dark when I took this picture and this was all I could do to save it, still I love it!

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