Visiting a Luthiery

01. February 2018 Photography 0
Visiting a Luthiery

Last week I was lucky enough to participate in a photography project, and this led me to visit and get to know the work of some artisans in Valencia.

Maybe artisan is a somewhat an ambiguous term to talk about them, but it is the one that best describes them all, since the basis of their work and their most valuable and main tool are their hands.

Having such different and despair jobs they continue to maintain the essence of manual work, artisanal work.


The first one we visited was a luthier. For those who do not know, they are those who are responsible for repairing and creating stringed instruments such as violins, violas, guitars, etc.


It was not the first time I had visited a luthiery and, for that very reason, I was waiting for it so eagerly. They workshops are authentic works of art flooded with the colour and the smell of wood. The stringed instruments hung neatly on the wall or dismantled on large tables full of small instruments of unimaginable utility (my favourite the “soul remover”).


Yes, that metal thing is the “soul remover”, and that wooden cylinder is the soul.


The natural light in that place tinted with the soft tinge of wood, which is everywhere, makes it an ideal place to take photos. But instead of trying to describe it, I prefer to show it.


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