The first day of a trip of first times

The first day of a trip of first times

Last Friday the 23rd our trip to Barcelona began at last. Jon bought me for my birthday a trip to that city and the ticket to Avatar concert, killing two birds with one stone. At last the day had arrived.



After a very long bus trip, in which I discovered that I am going to suffer the Restless Legs Syndrome in the near future, we arrived in Barcelona. There a friend of Jon picked us up and took us to our apartment.

We didn’t waste too much time looking at the flat or the room, we just went there to leave our things and went straight out again. It was late and we wanted to take use all the time we could.

We visited the Sagrada Familia from the outside, dined more pizza than I thought I was able to eat and went to an Irish pub. It had been a long time since I entered a pub that reminded me of those from Ireland, but in this almost everything was perfect (if only they had put rugby instead of soccer on TV) the Guinness tasted great and they had Jameson Whiskey (too bad that served it in a glass of Ron).

To finish the night we went into an ice cream parlour where they served us the small tub with more ice cream that I have ever had. I have to confess that we feared for what they might get to charge us.



In summary, it was a good first day of a trip of first times:

  • It was our first trip alone and together (the first of many!).
  • It was our first concert together and the first time we’ve seen Avatar live.
  • It was our first time using Airbnb (although it has not been bad at all, I still prefer hotels).
  • It’s been my first time in Barcelona.


I will soon share more posts, pictures and videos from the trip, don’t miss them!

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