The rainy mood of Barcelona

The rainy mood of Barcelona

Truth be told, when we wait eagerly for something we can’t help to idealize it and you plan every single second of it. These happens very often with travels and it is exactly what happened to my in my trip to Barcelona.

I don’t mean to say that such a wonderful trip didn’t reach my expectation, in fact it surpass them. What I want to say is than there will be always be thing out of our reach, like the weather.



The first day of our trip it rained as hell and that was something I hadn’t anticipated at all. The rain affected our plans, we ended soaking wet and freezing, but thanks to it we were able to see a different side of the Gothic neighbourhood, a grey and beautiful side of it. We won’t have been able to enjoy it if it wasn’t for the rain.

Walking through those old and narrow streets filled with puddles was magical and I wouldn’t change it for anything.



Furthermore, we got lost because of the rain and we found by chance Caj Chai Teahouse, a lovely place I will definitely come back and about which I will talk in a different post.



Sometimes we are way to obssessed in controlling everything and we forgot that the things that happen accidentally are the best ones.

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