At last we saw the sun in Barcelona

At last we saw the sun in Barcelona

Undoubtedly one of the things that characterized our trip to Barcelona was the rain, but the last day we had a great weather. The sun was shining for the first time since Friday, something that we didn’t expect at all considering the how was the weather like through out the weekend.

I must confess that even I was grateful that at least we had a day of good weather, and I hate the sun with all my heart.

It was the last day and we were coming back to Valencia after lunchtime, but we took advantage of the hours we had left very well. Near the station there was a beautiful park and what better way to spend such a good day than walking on the grass?



The trees, the lake and the monuments entertained us all morning and the good weather made us finish the trip in the best possible way.






  • You may have noticed the balloons guy appears in many clips from the video. well, we strongly believed he was following us all the time so we were almost running all the time trying to take him out of camera.
  • You can’t even imagine how great it is to be able to film with both hands and without holding an umbrella at the same time.
  • The funniest things is that we spent the whole morning there and I didn’t thought of taking my camera until we were sitting in the bus station two hours before leaving. So there we went over again to film everything for that vlog!

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