Insomnium in Valencia again

19. April 2018 Music 0
Insomnium in Valencia again

I can’t believe that a week ago I was anxiously waiting for Insomnium’s concert to start. I can’t believe that just a week ago I enjoyed watching them live again. And above all I can’t believe that they came to play in Valencia.

I’m not going to talk about the group again because I already did it in this post, but it was great to see them again.



In the first place and after getting lost looking for the concert room we managed to arrive on time to get in the front line. It is true that when I saw them in Leyendas I was also in the first line, but considerably further.

On the other hand and being in such a small place was a concert that felt much more intimate. Markus’ gaze settled many times on us and I could even touch his guitar. All that not to mention that I got his pick when he threw it at the end of the concert (I still can’t explain how).

And finally the company. There is nothing better than sharing moments with the people you love and I know that I will remember this concert for a long time.



Insomnium is a very special group for me, a group that touches me very deeply, and after this concert that strange bond has become stronger.

If tomorrow they came to play again I would also go to see them.