53 Valencia’s Book Fair

53 Valencia’s Book Fair

For the first time, for a while now, I’m talking about books again. And that is because the 53 Book Fair has little time left in Valencia and couldn’t miss the chance of writing about it.

Yesterday I went to Viveros and toured the fair for the second time, this time with the intention of buying. The first time we went we just to look at what was there because, having an unfortunately limited budget, I knew that I would buy the first thing that caught my attention and that I would surely find something that I wanted more. For that reason we went on a first day and found a couple of books that I wanted to buy. Anyway, the spontaneity is always good and, even though I went straight to buy that book of Alice that I had seen and wanted so much, I also took another one which I hadn’t even noticed the first day.



The first book is an Alice in Wonderlandedition illustrated by Benjamin Lacombe.

I can’t say for how long I I’ve been longing for this book and you can’t imagine how difficult it was for me not to throw the house out the window and also buy the second part, Alice Through the Looking Glass. There were also other books by the same illustrator, the macabre stories of Poe, Carmen, Frida, etc. And yes, I want them all!

Anyway, going back to Alice, this book has a special meaning for me. It is my favourite story since childhood, its fantasy and imagination have inspired and influenced me many times and Alice in Wonderland is the book that every illustrator would like to draw.



The second book is an edition of The Blood Countessby Alejandra Pizarnik, illustrated by Santiago Caruso.

It is a story based on real events that reflects the cruelty and sadism of which the human being is capable. Its protagonist is the Countess Erzébet Báthory, one of those responsible for the creation of the myth of the vampire, whose story I will not tell because it’s worth reading.



I would have liked to buy more books, much more, but this is what I could afford. When I have read them I will tell you about them here in the blog.

Has anyone been to the Book Fair this year? What have you bought?

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