Okuda San Miguel’s colourful art

Okuda San Miguel’s colourful art

This is what happens when you let time pass by instead of doing things when they should be done, that you forget details and that the dates are over; and that is precisely what happened to me with Okuda’s exhibition at the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea del Carmen.

Okuda was responsible for the monument of the city council’s falla this year and that, of course, brought all kinds of opinions and controversies. But that doesn’t matter, he is an artist and as such he had an exhibition in the Centro del Carmen that was open until May 27th. I went to see it a month ago (or maybe more) and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share it with you. Unfortunately I have been postponing this post too long and now the exhibition is no longer available, but still I will show you some photos.



Okuda (Óscar San Miguel Erice) is a Spanish artist, sculptor and designer who has had a great influence on urban art.

In his work he emphasizes his own pop surrealism loaded with colour and characterized by the geometric figures with which he shapes everything.



I strongly recomend you to check his instagram account @okudart

I hope you liked it and I apologize for not having shared it before so you could go see it.


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