Living with an addiction

06. September 2018 Diary 1
Living with an addiction

I am sure that many of you are surprised and even worried after reading the name of this post. But keep calmed, my addiction is completely harmless for my health (I could even say it is actually beneficial) and still it is awful for my pocket.

Just in case you haven’t guessed it yet I buy books on an uncontrolled and compulsive way, I collect them and, of course, I read them. However, the problem lies on the buying part.

I simply can’t walk through a library and don’t buy at least a book and I have to admit that the more the better!

Truth be told, the world addition has been around my head for a while since I am aware that my thing with books is not quite normal. But the breaking point that made me realized of my, so to say, “problem” took place last week.

I bought a book (I mean two) form the website of fnac and the sent me a discount code with my next purchase on the store. As I needed a pair of headphones I decided to head to the shop and use my discount. Well, after an hour or so I left the shop. SURPRISE!I left without headphones and with three books instead.

The story doesn’t end there. The books I bought were:

  • Mystic Topaz from the Valencian writer Pilar Pedraza
  • Dracula from Bram Stocker (book I already have two times)
  • Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus from Mary Shelley (book I already have three times)



In my defense I would say that the editions were breathtakingly gorgeous on hard paper and that they were both illustrated, all of these not to mention that I only owned these books in English.

Anyway, I have no choice but to admit I have an addiction and, despite knowing it, I have no intention to change it.

Any other “book junkie” around here?

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    Vic on Thursday September 6th, 2018 Reply

    Yo me uno a librolicos anonimos también!
    Las ediciones son realmente preciosas, no me extraña que las compraras ?

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