The nature of Bilbao

11. September 2018 Wanderlust 1
The nature of Bilbao

On a trip as improvised as ours we couldn’t forget a bit of nature. Truth be told, coming from Valencia we find breathtakingly beautiful those towering mountains and deep forests from the north of Spain.


One morning we visited “La Arboleda” of Bilbao and its many lakes. We were so lucky that despite it being cloudy the whole time it didn’t rain at all.
Walking through the thick and soft grass covered soil in search of the great lakes that were hidden between the trees was a real delight.



It seemed we were lost in some remote and distant place far away from the city, even though we were just half an hour of bus ride from Bilbao itself. The very best part was that as it was so cloudy not many people dared to venture into the wild.
We spent there the whole morning taking pictures of the ducks and the landscape, admiring the weird sculptures camouflaged with nature and shouting “echo” to the mountain wall.



I have to admit that I would have spent there the whole day!


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    Cris on Wednesday September 12th, 2018 Reply

    Es precioso! No me extraña que te enamoraras del lugar

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