Bilbao in four days

15. September 2018 Wanderlust 0
Bilbao in four days

As the good improvised trip it was we didn’t have time to buy plane tickets without having to sell a pair of kidneys and piece of live to get enough money, so we had no other choice than to a terrible bus trip of eight ours. No wonder that on Wednesday morning, when we arrived, we felt asleep for a couple of hours.

But it wasn’t a lost day. After a short walk around the village we were staying and a very fast lunch we went straight to Bilbao and the first thing we did was to wander on the “heavy neighbourhood” and to buy some stuff we cannot find in Valencia.

To end the day, we reached the Artxanda viewpoint by funicular. There we could see the whole city and take a walk through a little forest. And for dinner some pintxos!



The next morning we woke up early and went straight to the Arboleda, but I have already talked about it on the post “The nature of Bilbao”.


However, the day didn’t end there. After lunch time we went to the hanging bridge of Potugalete. I still don’t know how I let them convince me to cross the sea inlet by boat. There was where I tried the famous Basque chives and pickles which were huge, as you can imagine knowing that these people pull gigantic stones for fun.



That night at last I could see the thousands of heavy pubs Jon had spoken of so many times, and still we only went to one, Babylon. It was a small and dark place with loud metal and gothic music and with an excellent service. It was amazing to see how the barmen enjoyed the music while working and it was a delight to taste a real calimocho since the barman opened a wine bottle especially for us when he found out that we were from Valencia. No wonder we were so comfortable there that we didn’t feel the need nor the curiosity to move to another pub.

On Friday we found it a bit difficult to wake up because our night in Babylon was a bit longer than we had planned. But as soon as we could we went to investigate a different area of Bilbao. We ate in an Asiatic vegan restaurant and paid a visit to the Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao (you can read about it here). On the evening we walked along the sea inlet discovering some beautiful places and some other quite sinister to visit some of Jon’s family.



We were already tired but we had a whole night ahead of us. Can you guess what we did? Off to Babylon again. Unfortunately, we didn’t spend there the whole night. For a reason none of us understands we were convinced to go out around the party zone. I didn’t have a watch on me and my phone was without battery, but I can assure we didn’t stand it for more than an hour.

Saturday was our last day there and we packed our things with sorrow. After lunch we headed back to the city centre one last time since we had tickets for the Gugenheim (you can read about it here). We had our last stroll through the “Heavy neighbourhood” where we were lucky enough to find a bar of vegan pintxos. Finally, we had no choice but to get on the bus to start the dreadful trip back home.

Bilbao is a really stunning place but I swear I WON’T TRAVEL BY BUS AGAIN!


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