Mystic Topaz – book review

Mystic Topaz – book review

I know that at the beginning of the year I said that I was only going to read book series during 2018 but fuck it! Considering the fact that I am eternally waiting for some series to launch their final volume and that I’ve chosen series of more tan 15 books I wasn’t going to be able to write a single review this year.

Well, as I’ve already confessed, I am a book addict and I buy them without control. I few time ago I bought Mystic Topaz from Pilar Pedraza, a cute and small edition which I read between metro trips and which I ended much faster that I was expecting.

The book is a collection of short tales narrated as a personal diary by Geles, a shop assistant in the esoteric store, “Mystic Topaz, owned by Delirio Presencia. It is an easy read and, with each tale, it makes us feel that the paranormal events that take place on the store could be quotidian and everyday happenings in our own life.

There are a couple of things I’ve loved of the book:

  • On the first place I am obsessed with short tales and with the paranormal world, so this book is the perfect combination.
  • On the second place the book is based upon the author’s experiences on an esoteric store from Valencia.
  • And finally, working in an esoteric store is something I’d love to do sometime, and maybe even having my own.

I just have left to say that Pilar Pedraza is a valencian writer that doesn’t have the recognition she deserves, so I encourage you to take this book and give it a chance. I am definitely going to look for more of her work!


Solo me queda añadir que Pilar Pedraza es una autora valenciana que no tiene el reconocimiento que se merece, por lo que os animo a todos a coger este libro. Yo sin duda voy a buscar más obras suyas.

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