Curious confessions

28. September 2018 Diary 0
Curious confessions

I can’t ignore the fact that last year I shared much more short tales on the blog than this year, and I am pretty sure that some of you were also aware of it. And with these I prove something I’ve been suspecting for a while; the rain inspires me.

It might sound stupid but last year I was in Ireland, where it’s awkward to see a day without rain, and now I back home, where it hardly ever rains. And these has obviously influenced me.

However, bearing these in mind, it is also true that on those scarce days it rains here the inspirations hits me in a stronger way.

Besides, I am also aware that during the day time my concentration and creativity are strongly affected by my fleeting attention. At night time there’s nothing that can take me away from the creative whirl that absorbs me. These is so that on a single night I can write much more than on a whole week of work during day time.

Can you imagine what happens when it rains at night?

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