A visit to Andorra

A visit to Andorra

When there’s a will there’s a way

It was already a couple of years since the last time I travelled to Andorra and I just needed someone to mention it once to have the thought and the desire back into my head. So I began to suggest that trip again and again without a rest.

Luckily for me and unfortunately for those around me, I faithfully believe that “when there’s a will there’s a way” and I don’t know if it was because of pity or insistence, but the truth is that my family agreed in the end and there we went the last bank holiday.



The shopping paradise

If someone tells you that they’ve been to Andorra and they’ve bought nothing, they are lying! Andorra has something special (apart from the lower prices) that plunges you into a consumerist spiral from which it is difficult to escape. I myself fell and renewed my photographic material.

In my opinion, technological products are the most worthwhile, especially if you know someone there and you know where to go; but fashion and perfumery are not far behind.



A paradise on earth

Shopping is not the only thing that makes Andorra so appealing. It is a small country located in the north of Spain, right in the Pyrenees and, therefore, it has a privileged landscape.

All the cities are in valleys between the high mountains and from any side you can see the green forests. The houses are an authentic beauty with its stone walls, its roofs with chimneys and flowers on the balconies.

You never know if when you wake up you will see the snowy mountains from the door of your room.



In summary, it was a great trip, although too short, in which we had a bit of everything: shopping, nature and spa. And one of the best points in favour was the hotel Roc Meler, which was lost in the middle of the mountain in a small town called Canillo. If you are thinking of going to Andorra I really recommend it!

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    Chehr on Friday October 12th, 2018 Reply

    Ha sido genial !!!!!

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      moonlight lady on Friday October 12th, 2018 Reply

      Siii! Pero a la próxima al monte 😜

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