A different exhibition

15. October 2018 Diary 0
A different exhibition

I don’t know if you have noticed, but I love the museum of the centre of Carmen Neighbourhood. It has a lot of rooms where the exhibitions are changing so that whenever you go you find something new.



The last exhibition I’ve been to and that you can still see until the end of October is “Jardin Automómata” by Olga Diego. The exhibition occupies one of the largest rooms in the museum and fills it with inflatable and electronic sculptures inspired by the surreal characters Bosch’s art.

Her characters are a curious mixture between the reality and the fantasy whose transparent bodies are swollen thanks to their motors/fans that act as if they were hearts and that give them movement.

It is a unique and daring artwork that is worth seeing. I took some photos, although I don’t think they can do it justice.


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