We spent the day in Fuente los Baños

We spent the day in Fuente los Baños

For reasons beyond our control, last weekend we had to postpone our trip to Cuenca. But it was a bank holiday and we couldn’t just stay at home doing nothing, so we decided to take the car and go spend the day to Fuente los Baños in Montanejos.



I had already been to the Salto de la Novia in Navajas, but never to Montanejos and the truth is that seeing the pictures of the place I couldn’t miss the opportunity.

No matter how far you are, it’s worth taking the car and going there at least once.

The first thing I have to say is that the road to get there, once you leave the highway, is a real bliss. Hundreds of curves follow each other, showing you a truly spectacular view. To this we must add the beautiful colours that autumn gives to any natural place.



Once you’ve passed the town, you arrive at the parking lot for this spot. There is a small and bearable road that runs along the river and leads to Fuente los Baños.

All the while the landscape is worthy of admiration, but it reaches its peak when you arrive at the lake. The water acquires a blue-green colour that makes it super-striking, the trees grow around it in all shades of green, yellow and orange and the high, almost vertical, wall of a mountain borders the lake. I think you can get an idea of ​​how magical everything seems.



This is one of the many beautiful and spectacular places we have in the Valencian Community and, therefore, it is also one of the best known, which leads me to talk about the negative parts that I see about it.

  • On the one hand, and more being a bank holiday, we met many people there. It’s easy to get there and you don’t have to walk much, so groups of people of all kinds and ages are going to spend the day there.
  • For that reason there is a lot of garbage that stays in the bush. It’s really sad to see how many people don’t care the least of nature and never bother to pick up and leave everything as it was (if not better) of how they had found it.
  • This is also the reason for the noise pollution of the place. Apparently people do not appreciate the beautiful melody of nature and they need to take speakers to play music. I must admit that I only saw a group that did it and they didn’t have it at very high level.
  • And finally something I do not understand. The trees that bordered the path had a beautiful white bark that hundreds of couples had taken care to crack with their knives to engrave their initials, so that there was not a single tree with the bark intact. Seriously, how many people go around with knives on them?

Anyway, it is still a worthwhile visit and that everyone should do at least once in their life. I assure you that if you go you won’t regret it and I ask that whenever you decide to spend a day in nature you have the nice detail of collecting what you have messed up and not leaving things that can contaminate the environment.




I just have left to show you the video we took that day, I think you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of the place much better.

Hope you enjoy it and hope you subscribe!


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