From today to eternity

10. December 2018 Diary 0
From today to eternity

Last Friday (December 7th) Jon and I celebrated our first anniversary and there is one curious thing about it that affects to both:

  • On the one hand, to us a year seems like a very short time, since we feel as if we have spent our whole lives together.
  • On the other, the time together flies so fast that it seems that instead of a year only a couple of days have passed.

How is this possible?


Anyway, in just one year we have had time to do so many things that it is not surprising that we seem to have been together much longer and we have had such a good time that time has flown by. In short, between trips and crazy and spontaneous ideas we have not stopped moving more than two days in a row.



Jon came into my life at a time when I was not expecting him and he gave it a much-needed turn to everything. I can only say with total confidence:

From today to eternity


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