Nightwish amazing concert

14. December 2018 Music 0
Nightwish amazing concert

A bit more than week ago Jon and I went on a trip to Barcelona to celebrate his birthday in the same way we celebrated mine a few months ago: going on a concert. Going on a trip together is always perfect and concerts are something that we both enjoy.

In March we went to see Avatar and now, in December, Nightwish.

I cannot say much about the concert; I hardly took pictures or videos since I prefered to enjoy the moment. It was long and intense, a worthy concert to commemorate and celebrate their musical career in a beautiful and studied compilation.

It was a great show. The staging was perfect, with flamethrowers and fireworks whose heat was felt from far away. There was an amazing light show and a video that was playing in the background and that accompanied each song.

It’s true that it lacked the excitement of Avatar’s concert -it may be because of the huge dimensions of the concert hall or maybe due to the emotion that Johannes himself felt in March of being in Barcelona- but it was definitely worth it.

I can only say that we left the room with an intense body pain -back and legs above all- a sign of how intense it was (or maybe just a sing that we are getting older).

Either way, it’s well worth that pain in order to enjoy live music!



We are already waiting for January to go again to Barcelona, ​​this time to see Powerwolf.


Just in case someone is curious about the band I leave here my favorite song of them which, unfortunately, wasn’t on the concert setlist. Lets see if you like it!